Are you talking my language?

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I always find it interesting to see what advertising the big sponsors create around the Olympics, and whether they find a theme that manages to resonate with a global audience .

I really like what P&G has done – showcasing the important role mums play in the achievement of Olympic success. It speaks a truly universal language and it is spot-on in my view.

Then there’s Dow, one of the world’s largest global companies – their ‘corporate message’ has been everywhere for the last few months on taxis throughout London. What is their message?

‘Solutionism. The new optimism.’

What is that all about? If ever there was a starker contrast between an idea that connects with its global audience and an idea that, in my view, is just ‘corporate nonsense’ – I’d like to see it.

But what is it saying? What is it telling me? What is it trying to make me feel about Dow; that offering a solutions approach is a better way to market Dow than a product approach, well that’s been said and done by numerous companies, including Dow, for 30 years. Otherwise, I’m at a loss. And I don’t feel inclined to find out more – it just annoys me! Dow may say I’m not their target audience but I cannot believe that their customers react any more positively to what is a ‘meaningless piece of corporate babble’.

So for me, Gold Medal to P&G and I’m afraid for Dow…let’s just say it wasn’t worth turning up!

Feel free to disagree.

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