Google Analytics in Real Life

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Getting people to an e-commerce website is one thing, getting them to buy is another. Consumers are still faced with hurdles when it comes to online shopping – having to remember login details and passwords, entering strange letters into captchas, negotiating around complicated delivery charges and so on.
 Analytics packages can help identify the barriers to conversion and to bring this to life.

Google Analytics have created a video around what buying a loaf of bread in the real world would be like if e-commerce principles were applied. It’s a bit OTT, but makes the point brilliantly.
 The commercial demonstrates in a humorous way the issues/rituals of checking out when buying online like purchase timing out, the express delivery and even the process of deciphering captcha, which we face while shopping on most online stores. The web video was created by Google Creative Lab in the UK, to promote Google Analytics.

Shopping online is meant to be easy!

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