TV Ads: Three Little Pigs

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Who knew an ad to celebrate not just a newspaper, but possibly the entire journalism industry, could be so good?

If the story of the Three Little Pigs broke today, how would a modern newspaper cover it? That’s the concept behind a this TV ad for The Guardian, the newspaper’s first major TV spot for 25 years

The spot launches a campaign to promote the paper’s ‘open journalism’ approach – its name for the way in which it is attempting to involve its readership in not just commenting on stories, but contributing to and even determining its news agenda.

The launch ad examines the way in which the tale of the Three Little Pigs might be covered by The Guardian today, with all the different forms of content and different channels that implies. It also seeks to get over the way in which stories develop over time as new facts come to light and the effect of social media on switching the focus of coverage and debate.

This can be seen as a reflection of the changing nature of media – newspapers are now less about relating THE story and more about acting as a platform for multiple strands around a topic to be explored by multiple participants, including the readers themselves, in real time.

Good isn’t it? What we liked about it was, well, pretty much everything. BBH, take a bow!
Agency: BBH
 Director: Ringan Ledwidge

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